Gumma Rays…


Pan through space.Earth in the distance-homing in on it.
Going into orbit around the earth.
Stopping at the area view over Africa.
Panning down on South Africa:Johannesburg.

The city.
a man looking up at camera panning in,camera stops and start panning around him;then down and up to his point of view..

The sun.

Derek with pilot goggles; looks at the sun.
He thinks:’This is the year that most of earth atmosphere is losing its gravity..most people wont understand those terms…its really a joke how dumb they make most people today.. born to consume…i wont go into statistics on how many knows about the moons gravity being the cause for tides…i dont think its a joke.i think is really sad..’

:’To think ages back they build the piramides and now we consume.’

Derek is standing on Mandela bridge in central Johannesburg- the world and mass consciousness spinning around him.
He knows he’s about to die.

Its January.

Flash to Cape Town.a Tornado is devastating De Waal drive.

Derek sees the red glow of a gamma ray coming towards earth.

He has 20 seconds to decide on with what emotion he is going to die.

15 seconds

He has flashes of memories from his childhood he’s never seen before…

13 seconds

He thinks of life
The day he had his first kiss.His marriage; hes wife coming towards him-smiling.

10 seconds

Does he want to die?



He doesn’t want to give it up.he wants to stay.

4 seconds.

Derek can see the radiation eating at his skin.
He starts to scream
He turns to look down at a little girl.

The girl smiles up at him.

He screams again.

Delia 9 years old,she knew about this coming.
She dreamed about it every night.
She knew..
She knows about the choice.
She chooses to leave.
She doesn’t want another day with the man downstairs killing cats with his oil and burner..she’s looking forward to the world she knows about from before she was born.shes remembering it now.

The choice of what and where she want ; is going beyond limitation.


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