Nothing is as it seems…

I find myself between a rock and a hard place…a smile or the idea of one inserted here.

The irony of life…

I remember being a little girl crying, wishing i could be love. To find it.

Today i have lost it for the second time in my life.

a Laugh… i have cried and argued and said stuff i shouldn’t have…and now alone…i started thinking of that memory always wanting it so bad and now losing it. Why does everyone want it, need it, kill for it? In the now ending times and i actually don’t mean my relationship but the world, it feels like i have not thought enough about the meaning of things.

The core part of life is memories, capturing it. BINGO!

Life is to short to linger on questions there is no answers for but meaning itself get define by the memories you make.

I would always have loved and lost then to have never loved at all.


_MG_3682 _MG_9252 20091029-20091029-DSC_6654 tft


One thought on “Nothing is as it seems…

  1. Hey sweetie, are you OK? You are such an awesome sparkling star, you know that? Everything will end but even after, it will still matter that you were here, living your life with such power and seeing this incredible unbelievable beauty in the world and showing it to others… You have special powers..

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